Exploring Epic Axes – 100 Axe Names from Movies, Animes and More

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Axes, the iconic symbols of raw power and untamed might, have left an indelible mark across various realms—be it the silver screen, the vivid pages of manga, or the imaginative landscapes of video games. In this exploration of weaponry, we delve into the realm of axes, uncovering 100 names that have carved their places in the annals of pop culture. From the fantastical worlds of anime to the action-packed scenes of movies, these axes aren’t just tools; they are narratives, embodiments of characters, and catalysts for epic tales. Join us on this thrilling journey through a diverse array of axe names, each possessing a unique story, design, and significance that adds to the rich tapestry of fictional weaponry.

Table of Contents

1. Gorehowl

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft
- **Description:** A colossal, legendary axe wielded by the fearsome orc warrior Grommash Hellscream.

2. Mjölnir

- **Origin:** Norse Mythology
- **Description:** The mythical hammer of Thor, though not technically an axe, earns a mention for its iconic status.

3. War’s Deathbringer

- **Origin:** Darksiders
- **Description:** This demonic axe, wielded by the horseman War, leaves destruction in its wake.

4. Labrys

- **Origin:** Persona 4
- **Description:** A colossal double-headed axe associated with the Persona 4 character Aigis.

5. Stormbreaker

- **Origin:** Marvel Comics / Avengers: Infinity War
- **Description:** Forged by dwarves and famously wielded by Thor, Stormbreaker is a weapon of immense power.

6. Dane Axe

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** Dane Axe, A type of battle axe used during the medieval period, known for its long haft and curved blade.

7. Draugr’s Deathlord

- **Origin:** The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- **Description:** An enchanted and powerful ancient Nord battle axe often carried by high-level Draugr enemies.

8. Tomahawk

- **Origin:** Native American Culture
- **Description:** Historically significant, the tomahawk was a versatile tool and weapon used by indigenous peoples.

9. Greataxe of the Ebon Blade

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft
- **Description:** An imposing weapon connected to the Death Knights of the Ebon Blade.

10. Golden Axe

- **Origin:** Golden Axe (Video Game)
- **Description:** The titular weapon in the classic beat 'em up arcade game, Golden Axe.

11. Bearded Axe (historical axe names)

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** A type of medieval battle axe with a distinctive bearded shape, offering versatility in combat.

12. Wailing Barnacle

- **Origin:** Sea of Thieves (Video Game)
- **Description:** An eerie and ghostly axe with haunting aesthetics, perfect for pirate adventures.

13. Goliath Axe

- **Origin:** Diablo III
- **Description:** A massive, brutal axe known for its destructive power, often sought by adventurers.

14. Fireman’s Axe

- **Origin:** Real World
- **Description:** A functional tool adopted as a symbol in various contexts, including firefighting.

15. Axe of the Blood God

- **Origin:** Final Fantasy VII
- **Description:** An ominous and powerful axe found in the iconic Final Fantasy series.

16. Executioner’s Axe

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** Known for its wide, imposing blade, this axe was historically associated with executioners.

17. Battleaxe

- **Origin:** General
- **Description:** The classic battleaxe, a staple in fantasy and historical settings, featuring a double-bitted design.

18. Leviathan Axe

- **Origin:** God of War (Video Game)
- **Description:** Kratos' iconic weapon in the God of War series, known for its elemental abilities and returning feature.

19. Crescent Rose

- **Origin:** RWBY (Anime)
- **Description:** Although primarily a scythe, Ruby Rose's weapon transforms into a high-velocity sniper rifle with an axe blade.

20. Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

- **Origin:** Dungeons & Dragons
- **Description:** A legendary magic weapon in D&D lore, associated with dwarven lords and their might.

21. Hatchet of the Shadows

- **Origin:** Shadow of the Colossus (Video Game)
- **Description:** A mystical and enigmatic axe with a connection to the haunting world of colossi.

22. Halberd Axe

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** A hybrid weapon combining elements of an axe and a spear, known for its effectiveness in medieval warfare.

23. Frostmourne

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft
- **Description:** Although a sword, Frostmourne has an axe-like appearance and holds a pivotal role in Warcraft lore.

24. Bonecrusher Battleaxe

- **Origin:** RuneScape (Video Game)
- **Description:** A formidable weapon in the fantasy realm of Gielinor, known for its crushing blows.

25. Mammoth Splitter

- **Origin:** Conan Exiles (Video Game)
- **Description:** This massive axe, as the name suggests, is designed to cleave through opponents like a mammoth through snow.

26. Bardiche

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** While primarily a polearm, the bardiche features a prominent axe blade and was used in various historical periods.

27. Reaper’s Cleaver

- **Origin:** Diablo IV
- **Description:** A sinister axe with dark aesthetics, perfect for those venturing into the ominous world of Diablo.

28. Whirlwind Axe

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft
- **Description:** A weapon tied to the iconic Warrior class in WoW, celebrated for its swift and powerful attacks.

29. Raging Inferno

- **Origin:** Dungeon & Dragons
- **Description:** A magically infused axe with the ability to engulf foes in flames, wreaking havoc on the battlefield.

30. Double-Bladed Viking Axe

- **Origin:** Historical
- **Description:** A rare and fearsome design featuring a blade on each side, showcasing the craftsmanship of Viking weaponry.

31. Axe of Surtur

- **Origin:** Marvel Comics
- **Description:** Connected to the fire giant Surtur, this colossal axe is a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel universe.

32. Wicked War Cleaver

- **Origin:** Skyrim (Video Game)
- **Description:** A brutal and imposing axe that finds its place among the many weapons in the vast world of Skyrim.

33. Rune Axe

- **Origin:** Final Fantasy Series
- **Description:** Often associated with magical properties, the rune axe is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy franchise.

34. Axe of the Iron Price

- **Origin:** Game of Thrones
- **Description:** A weapon reflecting the harsh culture of the Ironborn in the Game of Thrones series.

35. Crimson Moon’s Edge

- **Origin:** Fate/Apocrypha (Anime)
- **Description:** A fantastical axe featured in the Fate series, showcasing intricate design and magical prowess.

36. Kama of a Thousand Faces

- **Origin:** Magic: The Gathering (Card Game)
- **Description:** A unique axe depicted in the Magic universe, with each face representing a different facet of its power.

37. The Chopping Block

- **Origin:** Real World (Culinary)
- **Description:** A playful inclusion, inspired by the everyday use of an axe in the kitchen, symbolizing culinary precision.

38. Meteor Crash

- **Origin:** Dragon Ball (Anime)
- **Description:** While technically a move, the axe-kick technique in Dragon Ball finds a place in our list for its impact.

39. Obsidian Executioner

- **Origin:** Minecraft (Video Game)
- **Description:** An axe crafted from obsidian, showcasing the creative and diverse world of Minecraft weaponry.

40. Hunter’s Hatchet

- **Origin:** Bloodborne (Video Game)
- **Description:** Wielded by hunters in the gothic world of Yharnam, this axe brings both elegance and lethality to the hunt.

41. Banshee’s Scream

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft
- **Description:** This hauntingly named axe is associated with the eerie and mystical creatures of Azeroth.

42. Vorpal Cleaver

- **Origin:** Alice in Wonderland
- **Description:** Inspired by the whimsical realm of Wonderland, this axe takes its name from Lewis Carroll's famous poem.

43. Arcane Splitter

- **Origin:** Elder Scrolls Online
- **Description:** Delve into the magical world of Tamriel with an axe infused with arcane energy, ready to conquer foes.

44. Silver Crescent

- **Origin:** The Witcher Series
- **Description:** Drawing inspiration from Geralt's adventures, this axe showcases craftsmanship in the world of The Witcher.

45. Raging Storm Cleaver

- **Origin:** Diablo III
- **Description:** Unleash a tempest of destruction with this axe, echoing the chaos of the Sanctuary in the Diablo universe.

46. Dwarven Battle Axe

- **Origin:** The Lord of the Rings (Film)
- **Description:** Straight from Middle-earth, this dwarven-crafted axe reflects the craftsmanship of Tolkien's fantasy realm.

47. Thunderous Maul

- **Origin:** Dungeons & Dragons
- **Description:** A powerful axe resonating with the thunderous might of storm giants in the D&D multiverse.

48. Boreal Axe

- **Origin:** Runeterra (League of Legends)
- **Description:** Step into the mythical world of Runeterra with an axe hailing from the Freljord region.

49. Purgatory’s Bite

- **Origin:** Diablo IV
- **Description:** This demonic-themed axe brings a touch of hellfire to the mortal realm, ready to harvest souls.

50. Celestial Chopper

- **Origin:** Final Fantasy XIV
- **Description:** Embark on an astral journey with an axe that transcends the boundaries of the physical and the celestial.

51. Gjallarhorn

- **Origin:** Destiny 2
- **Description:** While typically a rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn's unique design brings an axe-like flair to futuristic battles.

52. Soul Reaper’s Scythe

- **Origin:** Bleach (Anime)
- **Description:** Although a scythe, the Zanpakuto of Bleach holds an honorable mention with its formidable design.

53. Axe of Oblivion

- **Origin:** Skyrim (Modded)
- **Description:** Venture into modded realms of Skyrim with an axe that pushes the boundaries of in-game creativity.

54. Mystic Crescent

- **Origin:** Guild Wars 2
- **Description:** Immerse yourself in the mystical lore of Tyria with an axe that resonates with the game's rich narrative.

55. Stardust Cleaver

- **Origin:** Terraria (Video Game)
- **Description:** From pixelated landscapes, this axe is a stellar addition to the vast array of Terraria's weaponry.

56. Archon’s Judgment

- **Origin:** Path of Exile
- **Description:** Dive into the dark world of Wraeclast with an axe that carries the weight of otherworldly judgments.

57. Eclipse Cleaver

- **Origin:** Fire Emblem Series
- **Description:** Drawing from the tactical battles of Fire Emblem, this axe adds a strategic edge to medieval warfare.

58. Abyssal Reaper

- **Origin:** Monster Hunter World
- **Description:** A monstrous axe from the New World, crafted to face the colossal creatures of Monster Hunter.

59. Phantom’s Whirlwind

- **Origin:** Dark Souls III
- **Description:** In the twisted world of Dark Souls, this axe embodies the ethereal force of a phantom's relentless assault.

60. Galactic Splitter

- **Origin:** No Man's Sky
- **Description:** Traverse the galaxies with an axe inspired by the vastness of space, a testament to the limitless imagination of No Man's Sky.

61. Lunar Crescent

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
- **Description:** Channel the cosmic energies of the Shadowlands with an axe that mirrors the lunar phases in Azeroth.

62. Crimson Reaper

- **Origin:** Bloodborne
- **Description:** From the haunting streets of Yharnam, this axe embodies the macabre essence of the Bloodborne universe.

63. Pandemonium Cleaver

- **Origin:** Diablo Immortal
- **Description:** Prepare for chaos and pandemonium with an axe that serves as a harbinger of doom in the mobile Diablo experience.

64. Elysian Harvester

- **Origin:** Warframe
- **Description:** Transcend the boundaries of space and time with an axe that combines the elegance of Elysium with the raw power of Warframe.

65. Chthonic Reaver

- **Origin:** Hades (Video Game)
- **Description:** Venture into the depths of the Underworld with an axe inspired by the roguelike masterpiece, Hades.

66. Aetheric Splitter

- **Origin:** Genshin Impact
- **Description:** Harness the elemental powers of Teyvat with an axe that resonates with the aetheric forces in Genshin Impact.

67. Stormforged Axe

- **Origin:** World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
- **Description:** Forged in the tempestuous fires of Draenor, this axe represents the might of the elemental forces.

68. Dreamer’s Delirium

- **Origin:** Dreamscaper (Video Game)
- **Description:** Plunge into the surreal dreamscape with an axe that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

69. Infernal Executioner

- **Origin:** Darksiders III
- **Description:** Unleash infernal wrath with an axe that mirrors the apocalyptic chaos of the Darksiders universe.

70. Necrotic Cleaver

- **Origin:** RuneScape
- **Description:** Delve into the dark arts of Gielinor with an axe that draws power from the necrotic energies of RuneScape.

71. Celestial Carver

- **Origin:** Starbound
- **Description:** Explore the cosmos with an axe inspired by the celestial wonders of Starbound's procedurally generated universe.

72. Emberforged Fury

- **Origin:** Torchlight III
- **Description:** Ignite the battlefield with fiery rage using an axe forged in the embers of the Torchlight series.

73. Time-Warp Cleaver

- **Origin:** Chrono Trigger
- **Description:** Embark on a time-traveling adventure with an axe reminiscent of Chrono Trigger's iconic pixelated aesthetics.

74. Cosmic Ripper

- **Origin:** Destiny 2: Beyond Light
- **Description:** Shatter the cosmic boundaries with an axe forged in the icy realms of Europa in Destiny 2.

75. Plasma Ravager

- **Origin:** Mass Effect Series
- **Description:** From the futuristic world of Mass Effect, this axe harnesses the power of plasma for intergalactic battles.

76. Astral Cleaver

- **Origin:** Phantasy Star Online 2
- **Description:** Navigate the astral dimensions with an axe that echoes the sci-fi universe of Phantasy Star Online 2.

77. Ethereal Hewer

- **Origin:** Rune Factory 4
- **Description:** Tend to your farm and embark on adventures with an axe that captures the ethereal essence of Rune Factory 4.

78. Quantum Slicer

- **Origin:** Borderlands 3
- **Description:** Unleash quantum chaos on Pandora with an axe that defies the laws of reality in the Borderlands universe.

79. Titanic Grindstone

- **Origin:** Minecraft Dungeons
- **Description:** Journey through blocky realms with an axe inspired by the charming yet perilous dungeons of Minecraft.

80. Plaguebearer’s Scythe

- **Origin:** Assassin's Creed Valhalla
- **Description:** Immerse yourself in Norse mythology with an axe that embraces the Viking legacy in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

81. Onimaru Kunitsuna

- **Origin:** Gintama
- **Description:** A legendary katana-turned-axe wielded by the iconic character Gintoki Sakata in the comedic yet action-packed world of Gintama.

82. Naraku Gumo

- **Origin:** Bleach
- **Description:** An otherworldly zanpakuto that transforms into a menacing axe, showcasing the supernatural battles of the Soul Society.

83. Kishin Eyes

- **Origin:** Soul Eater
- **Description:** A demonic, asymmetrical axe wielded by the enigmatic Death the Kid, embodying the quirky aesthetics of Soul Eater.

84. Dragon Slayer

- **Origin:** Berserk
- **Description:** Guts' massive, dragon-slaying axe from the dark and brutal world of Berserk, a symbol of relentless power and vengeance.

85. Scissor Blades

- **Origin:** Kill la Kill
- **Description:** Satsuki Kiryuin's unique half-scissor transformed into dual blades, blending fashion, rebellion, and epic battles in Kill la Kill.

86. Limiter Release Axe

- **Origin:** Infinite Stratos
- **Description:** A high-tech, mecha-inspired axe showcasing the futuristic combat of Infinite Stratos.

87. Giant Killing Cleaver

- **Origin:** Overlord
- **Description:** Cocytus' colossal axe, demonstrating the immense power and diversity of weapons in the virtual world of Yggdrasil.

88. Heavenly Dragon Slayer

- **Origin:** High School DxD
- **Description:** A mystical, dragon-slaying axe embodying the supernatural battles and harem dynamics of High School DxD.

89. Samurai X-Cutter

- **Origin:** Rurouni Kenshin
- **Description:** Kenshin Himura's reverse-blade sword, adapted into a deadly axe for a modern twist on the samurai tale.

90. Soul-Siphoning Cleaver

- **Origin:** Demon Slayer
- **Description:** An enchanted axe inspired by the demon-slaying world of Kimetsu no Yaiba, with the power to absorb demonic energies.

91. Monado

- **Origin:** Xenoblade Chronicles: The Golden Country
- **Description:** A colossal, mystical axe from the Xenoblade Chronicles universe, offering the wielder the power to shape the fate of the world.

92. Starbreaker Edge

- **Origin:** Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
- **Description:** A Gundam-inspired, futuristic axe designed for intense mobile suit combat in the Iron-Blooded Orphans series.

93. Fairy Tail Hatchet

- **Origin:** Fairy Tail
- **Description:** An enchanted axe from the magical world of Fairy Tail, where guilds of wizards embark on fantastical adventures.

94. Zabimaru’s Wrath

- **Origin:** Bleach
- **Description:** Renji Abarai's zanpakuto, Zabimaru, in its transformed state as a ferocious and versatile battle axe.

95. Grim Reaper’s Guise

- **Origin:** Black Clover
- **Description:** Yami Sukehiro's imposing axe, representing the magic-infused battles and rivalries in the Clover Kingdom.

96. Spear of Totsuka

- **Origin:** Naruto
- **Description:** Itachi Uchiha's ethereal weapon, the Totsuka Blade, transformed into a mythical spear for otherworldly combat.

97. Thunderstrike Tomahawk

- **Origin:** My Hero Academia
- **Description:** A superhero-inspired axe from the world of quirks, showcasing the dynamic battles in My Hero Academia.

98. Magi-Tech Waraxe

- **Origin:** Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
- **Description:** An axe infused with magical technology, reflecting the vibrant and fantastical adventures in the Magi series.

99. Vampire Hunter’s Bane

- **Origin:** Castlevania
- **Description:** A whip-turned-axe wielded by vampire hunters, paying homage to the Belmont legacy in the Castlevania franchise.

100. Dimensional Rift Cleaver

- **Origin:** No Game No Life
- **Description:** A transcendent axe inspired by the gaming prowess and strategic brilliance of the sibling duo in No Game No Life.


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