Zelda TotK – Hylian Shield and Master Sword for Cosplay

Cosplaying as the legendary Hero of Hyrule, Link, is a journey into the heart of The Legend of Zelda franchise. In this cosplay guide, we delve into the details of recreating Link’s iconic Hylian Shield and Master Sword, as featured in the imaginative realm of Tears of the Kingdom.

Hylian Shield and Master Sword

Materials Needed

Hylian Shield:

Creating Link’s Hylian Shield requires sturdy materials such as EVA foam, craft foam, and Worbla for durability. Acrylic paints in royal blue, gold, and silver hues will capture the shield’s intricate details. Reference images from Tears of the Kingdom to ensure accuracy.

Master Sword:

Crafting the Master Sword demands a wooden plank for the blade, foam for detailing, and Worbla for the hilt. Silver, blue, and gold paints will bring out the sword’s essence. Pay attention to Tears of the Kingdom visuals for nuances in design.

Crafting the Hylian Shield

  1. Cutting the Base:
    Begin by cutting the shield shape from EVA foam. Use a template or Tears of the Kingdom references for accuracy.
  2. Adding Layers:
    Layer craft foam to create the shield’s 3D effect. Ensure clean edges for a professional finish.
  3. Worbla Encapsulation:
    Cover the foam with Worbla, molding it to the shield’s shape. This enhances durability and provides a surface for painting.
  4. Painting:
    Paint the shield according to Tears of the Kingdom aesthetics. Focus on the Hylian crest and surrounding details.

Forging the Master Sword

  1. Shaping the Blade:
    Cut the sword shape from wood, keeping Tears of the Kingdom visuals in mind. Sand the edges for a smooth finish.
  2. Foam Detailing:
    Layer foam onto the blade to create the sword’s fuller and intricate design. Use reference images for precision.
  3. Worbla Hilt:
    Craft the hilt from Worbla, ensuring it comfortably fits your hand. Add details that align with Tears of the Kingdom’s depiction.
  4. Painting:
    Paint the sword in the signature blue and silver hues, capturing Tears of the Kingdom’s rendition of the Master Sword.

Cosplay Execution

  1. Attire:
    Complete the look with Link’s Tears of the Kingdom attire, including tunic, hat, and boots.
  2. Wig and Makeup:
    Style your hair or don a wig resembling Link’s. Apply makeup for pointed ears and any Tears of the Kingdom-specific facial features.
  3. Showcasing the Ensemble:
    Attend cosplay events, share images on social media, and celebrate your Tears of the Kingdom Link Hylian Shield + Master Sword cosplay masterpiece.

Unlock the Hero’s Attire

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The advantages of buying these items lie in the time saved and the assurance of receiving high-quality, professionally designed pieces. Avoid the complexities of crafting and dedicate more time to perfecting your Link portrayal. Purchasing the sword and shield ensemble ensures accuracy to Tears of the Kingdom aesthetics without the need for extensive DIY efforts.

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In the End

Embarking on this cosplay venture allows you to embody Link’s heroism with a touch of Tears of the Kingdom flair. Let your creativity flourish as you bring this iconic character to life in the vast world of The Legend of Zelda.

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