The 15 Strongest Weapon in One Piece

Yo ho ho! Gather ’round, fellow adventurers, and let Chopper guide you through the treasure trove of the strongest weapons in the vast world of One Piece! Strap in for a wild ride as we navigate the ranks of these legendary weapons, just like sailing through the Grand Line.

1. Ace – Supreme Grade Meito Sword

Ahoy there! This cutlass, wielded by the legendary Pirate King himself, packs a punch. Named Ace, it’s one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito swords. Despite facing formidable foes, Ace remains unscathed, showcasing unmatched durability. Infused with Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki, it’s truly a weapon fit for a king. Wielder: Gol D. Roger

2. Yoru – Supreme Grade Sword

Prepare to be amazed by the colossal Yoru, wielded by the formidable Mihawk. This Supreme Grade sword stands tall at nearly 2 meters, shaped like a crucifix. Mihawk’s wide, arcing slashes with Yoru are a spectacle, often leaving opponents figuratively crucified. Wielder: Dracule Mihawk

3. Murakumogiri – Supreme Grade Sword

Whitebeard’s weapon of choice, the Murakumogiri, is a naginata among the 12 Supreme Grade swords. Withstanding Akainu’s magma attacks and enhanced by Busoshoku Haki, it served Whitebeard faithfully for 30 years. A tribute to its strength lies in marking Whitebeard’s final resting place. Wielder: Whitebeard

4. Enma – Great Grade Sword

Once wielded by Oden Kozuki and later by the master swordsman Zoro, Enma is a breathtakingly powerful Great Grade sword. Capable of clashing with Murakumogiri and even damaging Kaido’s body, it demands a master’s touch due to its Haki-drawing nature. Wielder: Zoro (Current)

5. Pluton – Ancient Weapon

Behold Pluton, one of the three Ancient Weapons capable of wiping out islands with a single attack. Created in Water 7, its dormant power poses a significant threat. Though its blueprints were destroyed by Franky, the potential for havoc remains. Wielder: Unknown (Dormant)

6. Gryphon – Shanks’s Sword

Shrouded in mystery, Gryphon is Shanks’s formidable sword, clashing with Murakumogiri and withstanding Akainu’s magma fist. While we yearn to witness its full prowess, Gryphon remains a symbol of Shanks’s strength. Wielder: Shanks

7. Ame no Habakiri – Great Grade Sword

Once wielded by Kozuki Oden, Ame no Habakiri is a sword with a heavenly motif, capable of slicing through the heavens. Its power left a mark on Kaido, making it a legendary weapon with an uncertain destiny. Wielder: Kozuki Oden

8. Poseidon – Ancient Weapon

Not your typical sword, Poseidon is a living mermaid with the power to control Sea Kings. Passed down through the Ryugu Kingdom, its potential to shape the seas is a force to be reckoned with. Wielder: Shirahoshi

9. Uranus – Ancient Weapon

Veiled in mystery, Uranus is one of the three Ancient Weapons discovered during the Void Century. Its capability to rule or destroy the world makes it a subject of intense speculation among fans. What secrets does it hold? Wielder: Unknown

10. Shusui – Great Grade Sword

A national treasure of Wano Country, Shusui was once wielded by Ryuma and later owned by Zoro. Resilient in defense and devastating in offense, its “attitude” challenges even skilled swordsmen. Wielder: Shimotsuki Ryuma (Formerly Zoro)

11. Shodai Kitetsu – Supreme Grade Sword

Cursed and powerful, the Shodai Kitetsu is among the 12 Supreme Grade swords. Its deadly nature makes wielding it a gamble with one’s own life. Though its capabilities remain shrouded, its reputation echoes through the ages. Wielder: Unknown

12. Hassaikai – Kaido’s Kanabo Club

For the mighty Kaido, the Hassaikai is the perfect melee weapon, a massive kanabo club. With incredible speed and precision, Kaido wields it with a ferocity that commands fear. Its legendary status is yet to be officially ranked. Wielder: Kaido

13. Shinokuni – Chemical Weapon

Not all weapons are blades; enter Shinokuni, a devastating chemical weapon created by Caesar Clown. Its petrifying effects make it a formidable, albeit ethically questionable, force on the battlefield. Wielder: Caesar Clown

14. Pacifistas – Marine Cyborgs

Engineered by Dr. Vegapunk, Pacifistas are cyborgs resembling Kuma Bartholomew. Armed with lasers and tracking systems, they’re a pricey but effective asset for the Marines, dealing damage to even the most formidable pirates. Wielder: Marines

15. Clima-Tact – Nami’s Weather Control Weapon

Nami, the weather wiz of the Straw Hat crew, wields the Clima-Tact with finesse. Evolving over time, it grants her control over weather elements. From misty mirages to targeted cloud electrocution, Nami proves that not all power lies in a blade. Wielder: Nami

There you have it, fellow adventurers! The sea is vast, and so is the array of powerful weapons in One Piece. May your sails catch the wind of excitement as you explore the Grand Line! Yo ho ho!

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