Fantasy High: Discover where Tabletop RPG Magic Meets Snappy Entertainment

“Now we can answer the age-old question of ‘What if John Hughes ran a tabletop RPG game?'” ― Brennan Lee Mulligan

Fantasy high

The Captivating Debut: Fantasy High by Dimension 20

Fantasy High stands as Dimension 20’s inaugural campaign, a captivating coming-of-age tabletop RPG available on College Humor’s streaming service, Dropout. This D&D web series follows a group of kids during their first year at Agueforth Adventuring Academy, a high school where kids learn to be classic D&D adventurers.

The Bad Kids: Navigating High School and Epic Quests

The Bad Kids, portrayed by a talented ensemble including Ally Beardsley, Emily Axford, Zac Oyama, Lou Wilson, Brian Murphy, and Siobhan Thompson, navigate the complexities of high school life and embark on an epic quest. Fig, Gorgug, Adaine, Fabian, Kristen, and Riz each bring a unique flair to the narrative, with personal struggles and quests intertwining seamlessly.

Unleash Your Imagination with Dungeon Master Extraordinaire, Brennan Lee Mulligan

Embark on an extraordinary journey into a dynamic world crafted by the masterful storytelling of Brennan Lee Mulligan. As the Dungeon Master, Mulligan seamlessly weaves a narrative where player actions take center stage, shaping the destiny of not only the characters but the entire story itself.

Delve into a realm where depth and humor collide, brought to life by unforgettable NPCs like Jawbone, the wise guidance counselor, and Gilear, the melancholic elf dad of Fig. Mulligan’s improvisational prowess transforms Fantasy High into an immersive experience, captivating readers with each twist and turn.

Get ready to be enthralled by a tale where fantasy meets reality, and the boundaries between imagination and adventure blur.

Explore major and minor NPCs, confront antagonists, and dive into episodes filled with twists and turns:

  • Episode 1: The Beginning Begins
  • Episode 9: Dishing with a Demon
  • Episode 15: Family in Flames
  • And many more intriguing titles!

Discover the rich tapestry of Fantasy High with locations like Elmville, Solace, and Spyre. Unearth the mysteries of items such as “Abracadabra, Look at Me Now: My Life in Magic” and “The Eons of Solace.”

Weapon Whimsy: Blades, Bows, and Banana Peels

In the whimsical world of “Fantasy High,” the characters wield weapons with a flair that would make a bard blush. Fabian swings his sword with the finesse of a dance-off champion, turning each battle into a choreographed spectacle.

Fig, armed with a bow and an impeccable sense of aim, turns archery into an art form, hitting targets while simultaneously giving fashion tips. Meanwhile, Gorgug’s battleaxe is not just a weapon, but a handy tool for chopping firewood during camping trips.

In this enchanted realm, even mundane items like banana peels become strategic weapons – watch out for Kristen’s unexpected slip-and-slide tactics!

The weapons may be deadly, but the laughter they induce is downright lethal.

Reviews from Escape Velocity Collection

Passepartout’s Enthusiastic Praise for Fantasy High

When Passepartout delves into the world of Fantasy High, the review becomes a testament to the unparalleled brilliance of the cast’s improvisational skills. With a keen eye for detail, Passepartout hails the impeccable improv displayed by the cast, turning each moment into a masterpiece of humor and creativity.

The review is not merely a critique; it’s a celebration of how the players’ actions become the driving force behind the narrative. Passepartout highlights the seamless interplay between the characters and their choices, transforming the viewing experience into a truly engaging and immersive journey.

A notable recommendation surfaces for those seeking a taste of D&D livestreams without the commitment of lengthy campaigns. Passepartout finds a unique balance in Fantasy High, offering the perfect blend of excitement and accessibility. The review becomes a beacon for those eager to explore the world of Fantasy High, assuring them of a captivating experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional livestreams.

In this expansive exploration of Passepartout’s perspective, every positive nuance of Fantasy High becomes a stroke on the canvas of praise. From the cast’s exceptional improv talents to the engaging narrative shaped by player actions, the review becomes a resounding endorsement for anyone seeking a magical, humorous, and unforgettable journey into the realm of Fantasy High.

Embracing Uniqueness: Fantasy High’s Distinctive Appeal

In a standout review that underscores Fantasy High’s innovative approach to D&D shows, the series emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of online entertainment. The review, sourced from Escape Velocity Collection, becomes a beacon for those seeking a fresh and dynamic viewing experience.

The spotlight shines on Fantasy High’s distinctive format, where episodes, ranging from one to two hours, deliver a snappy and expertly edited spectacle. The series sets itself apart by offering viewers an immersive journey enriched by captivating drawings that enhance the storytelling. This unique visual element becomes a crucial ingredient, drawing audiences into the fantastical world crafted by the creators.

The review goes on to applaud Fantasy High’s minimal downtime, a refreshing departure from conventional shows. This strategic editing choice ensures that every moment is purposeful, maintaining a brisk pace that keeps audiences hooked. The parody setting becomes another feather in Fantasy High’s cap, adding a layer of charm that captivates both seasoned D&D enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Perhaps the most remarkable accolade bestowed upon Fantasy High is its universal appeal. The humor, described as surprisingly appealing even to those not typically fond of comedy, positions the series as a true gem in the vast landscape of online content. Fantasy High transcends genre boundaries, making it a welcoming haven for diverse audiences seeking laughter and adventure.

As this review unfolds, it becomes a testament to Fantasy High’s commitment to breaking the mold, offering a viewing experience that is not only entertaining but also refreshingly different. For those who crave innovation and a departure from the ordinary, Fantasy High beckons as a shining example of how D&D shows can redefine the landscape of online storytelling.

Overall Acclaim: A Must-Watch for Enthusiasts

Overall, the Escape Velocity Collection reviews praise Fantasy High’s entertainment value, making it a must-watch for D&D and urban fantasy enthusiasts. Whether you seek a heartwarming coming-of-age story or a fast-paced D&D adventure, Fantasy High delivers with humor, creativity, and masterful storytelling.

Watch Fantasy High:

  1. Dropout
  2. Dimension 20 YouTube Channel
  3. Apple Podcasts
  4. Spotify
  5. Stitcher

Embark on an unforgettable journey where high school antics meet the mystique of Dungeons & Dragons, and get ready for a dice-rolling adventure like no other!

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